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Coping With Hair Loss

Permanent or temporary hair loss caused by Alopecia

Living with the effects of alopecia can be challenging. Not only does it affect you physically and emotionally but it can have an impact on your friends and family too.

Although you may be feeling all alone, remember you are not!

Many people coping with alopecia (whatever the severity) often experience a number of feelings and emotions which are similar. I personally feel it's like any loss of something or someone who is dear to you - "a grieving process" which you may go through. We may experience these feelings in a different order or for different periods of time but it's not abnormal to feel this way and you shouldn't feel guilty for doing so.

Common feelings of alopecia sufferers include:

Your thoughts are understandable because they reflect the way you feel. But they aren't always rational. It's helpful to deal with these thoughts by talking to a GP or recommended counsellor if you don't feel able to talk to family or friends.

Everybody's coping strategies will be different; the important thing is that you have a way of coping. For expert advice may I suggest you contact Alopecia UK(online) or Alopecia Awareness. I believe they offer the best source of practical advice and can inform you about local support groups which you may find beneficial.

I recently established Hairflair Designs in response to my experience as a staff nurse and my own personal struggle with hair loss. (See My Story).