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Choose the style that's right for you

Human Hair wigs by Trendco

We offer the Gem Collection of human hair wigs by Trendco. These wigs are made of 100% Eurotex human hair, supplied unstyled, so each one needs to be professionally cut and styled. Dawn, our professional wig stylist, can dress and style these lovely wigs to suit you. The foundation of these wigs is a lightweight monofilament material and each style comes in 14 different colours.

  • trendco amber wig
    Amber (12-14 inches)
  • trendco emerald wig
    Emerald (Crown 15cm)
  • trendco crystal wig
    Crystal, (Crown 6-11 cm)
  • trendco ruby wig
    Ruby (Crown 10-15cm)
  • trendco diamond wig
    Diamond (Crown 45cm)


Trendco Sapphire Child's Wig

sapphire childs wig

We now stock the new child's gem which was launched in April 2008. This is called the "Sapphire" and is available in four new colours. The Sapphire is totally hand tied using the finest soft-touch Eurotex human hair.

Custom Made Wigs Express Service

Custom made wigs cater for those with very specific size requirements. To order a superior finished, hand-made piece within 6-8 weeks, only three decisions need to be made:

Supplex Collection Wigs

The popularity of Supplex pieces are increasing as they provide the most natural looking head of hair possible and are available in petite and regular head sizes.

The thin, transparent skin-like material allows the Supplex to cling to the head, following every contour.

The hand tied Eurotex human hair can be brushed and styled in any direction. It is designed for women with complete hair loss who require a full head of hair within days.

  • supplex human hair piece
  • supplex human hair piece
    Natural Look
  • supplex human hair piece
    Secure fitting

Dermalite Collection Wigs

Designed for those with complete hair loss, dermalites are hand crafted and custom made especially for you.

Dermalites have a non-elasticise, transparent foundation giving exceptional confidence to the wearer and fantastic non-move security. This piece keeps it's shape perfectly and the top of the range soft-touch European hair appears unbelievably natural.

  • dermalite human hair piece
    Dermalite Confidence
  • dermalite human hair piece
    Natural Styling
  • dermalite human hair piece
    Shape and Security

Trendura Toppers

As well as full wigs, we also offer a range of Trendura Toppers, also made from Eurotex human hair. These toppers come in a range of colours and are supplied with snap clips to attach to your own hair. They are designed for everyday wear and provide a wearable solution to thinning hair or for those suffering with alopecia areata. See these 'before' and 'after' shots:

Trendura Front Piece

The Trendura Front Topper supplements hair in the front area. These hair pieces are again supplied unstyled.

  • human hair piece
  • human hair piece
Trendura Full Top Piece

The Trendura Full Top hair piece supplements hair at the front-top and crown areas and are supplied unstyled.

  • human hair piece
  • human hair piece

Wig Accessories

You can also order a large range of turbans, headscarves and accessories by phone!