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Wigs and hair pieces on NHS Prescription

Who is eligible for a wig on the NHS?

In order to qualify for a prescription for a wig you need to speak to your GP and ask them to refer you to a dermatologist.

Normally, the dermatologist will see you in your local hospital and they will decide if you qualify for an NHS prescription.

If they do not feel the hair loss is great enough to warrant providing you with a wig but your hair loss is due to a medical condition you may be still eligible for VAT exemption when purchasing a wig yourself.

How much will I have to pay?

Prescription charges for the NHS wigs are reviewed every April 1st. As a guide, for the Year 2008-2009, the charges are as follows in England:

There are many exemptions to paying prescription charges - your hospital will advise you or alternatively, contact your local appliance officer for advice.

How often can I replace my NHS wig?

Custom made wigs are expected to last three years when supplied as a pair and stock size modacrylic wigs are expected to last one year, again when two are supplied together. Children's wigs may need to be replaced sooner due to the child growing.

Are wigs available on the NHS for alopecia sufferers?

The provision for alopecia sufferers will vary! The decision on what a hospital provides in the way of wigs is made locally. The local primary care trust (PCT) decides for itself how much their budget for wigs should be. Hospitals which are looking to save money will be less inclined to fund human hair wigs. Don't feel disheartened by this, the different ranges of styles and colours of modacrylic wigs are now considerable. Hairflair Designs is here to help you, so please call us now for more information.