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I was a qualified staff nurse of 14 years. I established Hairflair Designs in response to my experience as a staff nurse and my own personal struggle with hair loss.

I am a mother of three, 46years old and I started to lose my hair following the birth of my last child 14 years ago. Every six months I shed handfuls of hair over periods of approximately three months.
Eventually, after numerous trips to see my GP, I was referred to a dermatologist. Further blood tests and investigations were performed prior to being diagnosed with chronic telogen effluvium. It’s a form of non-scarring alopecia which causes diffused hair loss.

My dermatologist felt this condition was due to the pregnancy and was exacerbated by an overactive thyroid and low ferritin (iron) level.

The dermatologists suggested that this should resolve spontaneously but in some cases, it had been known to last for up to 8 years.

I felt like I was treading water, on a real emotional roller coaster, and the lack of control over the condition was so frustrating.

Like many, I desperately searched for treatments and visited “specialists” claiming to offer miracle cures. My experience showed me that some suppliers were trying to overcharge and clearly exploiting customers’ vulnerability.
Then, whilst looking for a practical solution to help disguise my loss of hair density, I met a wonderful woman with Alopecia Aerate, Michelle Chapman. Even though her hair-loss was more evident than mine her confidence was overwhelming. Michelle was so sincere and unassuming; she gave me the chance to discuss my fears and anxieties. Spending time with her made me feel more optimistic and at last, I finally felt understood.
I now wear a full human hair wig which helps disguise my hair loss.
Even Andrew Barton (Hairdresser appearing on the programme “Ten Years Younger”) didn’t realise this was not my own hair!

My experience inspired me to put my nursing skills to good use and try to help others suffering from hair loss conditions by providing both practical and emotional support.
It was whilst at Celebrity hairdressers (Trevor Sorbies, MBE) salon in London having my first human hair cut that he mentioned I should consider setting up a wig consultancy myself. Hearing my own personal story he felt I had all the qualifications required, just needing to employ hairdressers who shared my own personal passion and beliefs. We could add to their skills to then offer a “one-stop service” which at the time was not being offered.
He provided additional training for both myself and associate hairdresser and took time out of his busy schedule to support us by advertising our business venture.

We not only provide free consultations/fittings but are now part of his national network of independent professionals who provide a wig styling service for people suffering from cancer and medical hair loss. We pledge commitment to responsible continuous training and provide a caring and sensitive service for all of our clients.

In return for Trevor support, I attended a meeting at the Chambers of commerce. We are trying to help nationalise wig provision in the NHS. Sharing the belief that all those requiring a wig or hairpiece should be offered a “one-stop service”. This includes providing a good quality wig which can be altered and trimmed if required to best suit the client’s requirements.

In addition, we realise the support required both physically and emotionally when experiencing medical hair loss and choose to support such worthwhile causes. We have organised a fundraising event in aid of Alopecia Awareness and Macmillan (I am proud to say that it raised over £3700). We also work on behalf of The Little Princess Trust not only providing their wigs but fundraising -organised a “wiggle in a wig” disco, royal wedding afternoon tea and a race night (which we are delighted to have raised over £8000)

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